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Key Features

Ad-Hoc Command Execution

With DivineCloud, DevOps can run Ad-Hoc commands & scripts written in different languages (Shell scripts, Ruby, Perl, Python, Scala, etc.) across 100's of Servers in matter of seconds. This results in significant time savings when managing 100's of servers distributed across the globe.

Commands & scripts that need to run frequently can be saved , and can later be re-loaded for re-execution. DivineCloud provides a central repository for storing all the command and scripts in single place.

(Screenshot: DivineCloud - Group Terminal > Ad-hoc Command Execution)

RunBook Automation

DivineCloud works equally well for both simple deployments like Web Application Deployment & complex deployments like Hadoop ecosystem deployments. The complex procedures can be encapsulated in DT RunBooks and executed on the group of servers with relative ease.

Using DT Runbooks, DevOps can literally define a complex infrastructure and then repeatedly install it on any cloud. In one click, DevOps can re-create a complete infrastructure, as per their needs with almost no additional efforts on their part.

(Screenshot: DivineCloud - RunBook Orchestrator > Tomcat Server Installation)

One-Click Deployments

DevOps dashboard is an ideal option to define & organize tasks to be executed frequently by DevOps team, in a single panel. For example: For AWS cloud, users can create an AWS Dashboard with tasks like Setup VPC, Deploy Tomcat Servers, etc. From the dashboard the DevOps team can execute these tasks with a single click.

DevOps Dashboard makes it very easy for DevOps team to execute tasks using single click that would otherwise take lot more efforts using the respective cloud provider's web console.

(Screenshot: Divine Cloud - One-click Deployment using Booklets)

Hybrid Cloud Management

DivineCloud is an ideal product for managing servers distributed across the globe, either on public cloud and/or private cloud.

With DivineCloud, seamlessly manage 1000's of servers (physical or virtual) located across any private cloud or public cloud - AWS, Google, Rackspace, Digital Ocean, Joyent, Linode, etc.

Deploy Applications, execute Ad-hoc Commands & RunBooks, across any cloud provider without additional knowledge or insights of the specific cloud provider.

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