DivineCloud provides very easy integration with Digital Ocean cloud for on-boarding the servers located in Digital Ocean cloud.

Please make sure you have read the Public Cloud guide section first, before proceeding with this sub-section.

To on-board servers, located in the Digital Ocean cloud listed above, we need to do the following:

  • 1. Go to Nodes -> Create a new (+) inventory -> Provide Inventory Name -> select "Associate with Cloud Account" option
  • 2. Choose Digital Ocean cloud shown in the form
  • 3. Provide the access token for accessing the selected Digital Ocean cloud account
  • 4. Select Next -> This will bring up a list of all the Servers accessible from the selected Digital Ocean cloud account.
  • 5. Provide additional information as requested. Example: Node Display ID, Credentials, Tag Name, Stack Name
  • 6. Select Save

Figures below show the screenshot of all the forms for on-boarding servers located in Digital Ocean cloud

On-boarding Servers Located in Digital Ocean Cloud - Create New Inventory Form

Few things to note in the screenshot below:

  • 1. Display ID : This is a user-friendly name for your server. It has to be 5 characters or less. If not provided, system will create one for you.
  • 2. Name : By default, this is the name provided for server in Digital Ocean cloud. users can change it to a different value if needed.
  • 3. IP : One or more IP address for the server. Please make sure, you select the right IP address, for cases where there are more than one IP address.
  • 4. Credential : Provide the right node credentials. If not created, leave empty, and later when new credentials is created, make sure to associate Node with that credential.
  • 5. Jump Host : Select the right Jump host, if any. This is applicable for scenarios where one has to connect to bastion host before connecting to the server.
  • 6. Multi-Auth : Check this box, if the server requires multiple authentication for connecting.
  • 7. Tags : Associate the server with zero or more tags, as applicable.
On-boarding Servers Located in Digital Ocean Cloud - Import Nodes Form

Once the above steps are completed, all the servers from the selected Digital Ocean cloud account will be successfully on-boarded into DivineCloud.
Select the newly created Inventory name located in the Nodes Right Panel, and you should see the list of all the newly on-boarded servers in the Nodes panel area below.

Once all the nodes are added, it's a good idea to verify all the node information is correct, by, selecting the Inventory, and clicking on the Ping button located on the top of Inventory Panel.