Running a command or a script using DivineCloud is more simple & powerful than running the same command or script from a regular terminal. Additionally, with DivineCloud, users can run ad-hoc commands/scripts across 100s of servers in parallel, and can have the output streamed back in real-time.

In this section, we will get into more details about different input modes available for executing ad-hoc commands using Divine Cloud as listed below :

  • Input Modes
  • Nodes Selection

Input Modes

There are 3 input modes available in DivineCloud Group Terminal for executing commands:

  • Single Command Input Mode
  • Multi-Command Input Mode
  • Script Input Mode

The command & the script input mode are already shown in the quick start guide. The figure below shows the screenshot for Multi-Cmd input mode.

Multi-Cmd Execution - Group Terminal Mode

Nodes Selection

Though users can select all nodes for executing the commands/scripts. For most cases, they will need to select a subset of the nodes.
In DivineCloud, There are 3 ways to filter the Nodes for selecting them for command execution:

  • Filter By Node Name(s)
  • Filter By Node Tag(s)
  • Filter By Inventory

Users can also combine the 3 filter options, to narrow down the list further. Figure below shows the screenshot of the Node Selection panel

Node Selection Panel - Group Terminal Mode

The next few sub-sections, provide more details around executing, cancelling, & saving ad-hoc commands & scripts.