Community RunBooks are available on GitHub at :

When users install the DivineCloud Community Edition, they can access all these community run-books from RunBook Orchestrator. Under RunBook Repositories, there is a built-in repository called "Divine" that gets created when installing the product. Users can browse through "Divine" repository, to access all the community run-books. Every time a new run-book is added to the DivineCloud RunBooks Github account, it becomes immediately available to all the users of DivineCloud.
To get the latest community run-books, either simply re-start the DivineCloud server, or just click on the Sync button on top of the Repositories Panel, as shown below:

Community RunBooks Repository

We encourage all our users to contribute to the Community RunBooks repository. As you create run-books, if you find any run-books that can be useful for other users, we strongly recommend to add it to the DivineCloud GitHib account for the whole community benefit. Please contact us at, if you would like to contribute your run-books and share it with others in the community.