For many scenarios, DivineCloud Community Edition is a best fit. However for scenarios where users want to trigger command/script/run-book execution through external products, the DivineCloud CLI is a better option to go with.

DivineCloud CLI is available for download as a zip file with no dependency on external DB. It can be included in the same package or on same system as the external product, and can be triggered by the external product, just like any other system command.

Figure below shows two ways for using the DivineCloud CLI

                                                                 Divine Cloud CLI

DivineCloud CLI can be used for executing code (commands, scripts, & run-books) in following possible ways:

dc-cli -cmd "<command-string>" -n <nodes-file-path> [-o <output-file-path>] [-b <batch-size>]

dc-cli -cmd "<command-string>" -nodes "node1, node2, node3" -user <username> [-key <key-file-path> | -pwd <pwd-file-path>] [-o <output-file-path>]

dc-cli -script <script-path> -n <nodes-file-path> [-b <batch-size>] [-a <arguments>] [-o <output-file-path>]

dc-cli -script <script-path> -user <username> [-key <key-file-path> | -pwd <pwd-file-path>] -nodes "node1, node2, node3" [-b <batch-size>] [-a <arguments>] [-o <output-file-path>]

dc-cli -runbook <runBook-path> -n <nodes-per-step-file-path> [-p <properties-file-path>] [-c <credential-file-path>] [-o <output-file-pat>] [-b <batch-size>]

dc-cli -runbook <runBook-path> -user <username> [-key <key-file-path> | -pwd <pwd-file-path>] -nodes \"node1, node2, node3\" [-p <properties-file-path>] [-c <credential-file-path>] [-o <output-file-path>] [-b <batch-size>]