One-click automation is arguably the most powerful feature available in DivineCloud. It makes it extremely easy for the users to use this feature, as all they need to do is one-click and they can use the feature. Behind the scenes, One-click auomation relies heavily on RunBook and RunBook instance to do its magic.
One-click automation is achievable through a feature called Booklet. Users of the booklet can just press the run button to accomplish the task.
Figure below shows few examples of booklet:

One-Click Automation - Sample Booklets

Figure above shows a few booklet examples. All user has to do is click the run button and they get the application deployed using single click. In later sub-sections we will go through a real-life example of deploying a Redis Master/Slave Cluster Booklet on public cloud using single click. In the above figure, in the footer area you would notice, these sample booklets are under Libraries / DivineCloud. Library is a way of organizing booklets into groups. DevOps can create their own library and add their own booklets as they see fit. Next few sections, provide steps for creating Booklet Library and Booklets.