DivineCloud is a Powerful DevOps Tool for Simplifying daily chores of operations management including, Application Deployments & Hybrid Cloud Management.

With almost zero learning curve, DivineCloud is the simplest as well as powerful IT automation tool available today. No agent installation needed, no dedicated instance for the management product, and no more copying of private key files to a separate instance and no compromise on security.

Executing commands and deploying applications across 10 or 1000 servers, is no different, with DivineCloud. Simple, Secure and Powerful are the 3 key traits of DivineCloud.

Many Cloud management products today require you to learn a new language to be able to use their products efficiently. DivineCloud's approach is to provide language flexibility, so you can use any language(s) of your choice, including, Shell Scripts, Perl, Scala, Ruby, Python, etc.

DivineCloud provides a single pane, to help you seamlessly manage all your servers (physical & virtual), across public and private clouds.

Some of the key uses of DivineCloud include:

  • Powerful tool for simplifying Application Deployments & Hybrid Cloud Management.
  • Execute ad-hoc commands / scripts across 1000s of servers in parallel.
  • Access servers distributed across public clouds (e.g.: AWS, Digital Ocean, Linode, Google, Rackspace, Joyent, etc.) and private data centers from a single pane.
  • Orchestrate complex application deployments into a simple RunBook.
  • Generate Runbooks in any language of your choice and invoke them from DivineCloud with a single Click.
  • Provide One-Click Automation ability (with simple UI & detailed report) for any tasks to your users.
Divine Cloud - Simple . Secure . DevOps

Key Benefits

Increased Productivity : Using DivineCloud can result in significant time savings in daily chores of systems management.

Unified Configuration Repository : In absence of an unified repository, the configuration and command arguments details end up being scattered across different sections of either Wiki pages or as a text document in version control systems.

  • DivineCloud provides a single repository view of all the administration scripts, and configuration, including the command arguments, for all the company servers, in one single place. This scripts can be version controlled, either using Git or any other version control system of user's choice.
  • This creates huge visibility and time savings for new admins to get up to speed with using and managing the company servers. Also helps in significantly reducing human errors due to gap in understanding the current process.
  • The product has strong support to re-load the saved scripts, run books, and configuration information using single click.

Rapid On-boarding : In matter of few minutes, DevOps can start using Divine Cloud to manage their company servers - 10s or 1000s of servers.

Multi-Language Support : DevOps team, can use language of their choice to write management scripts or commands, based on individual preference and expertise.

No Vendor Lock-in : It's easy to move from one cloud provider to another or use multiple cloud providers using DivineCloud. The flexibility in terms of re-using existing configuration scripts, along with multiple languages support, makes it very easy for companies to manage their systems across different clouds, without getting tied to any particular cloud provider.

Zero Wastage : All the existing scripts in your organization can be fully re-used with zero or minimal changes.

Comprehensive Audit : DivineCloud tracks all the commands, scripts, & run-books that have been executed on any company servers managed by Divine Cloud, and provides comprehensive reports for auditing & back-tracking.