Please make sure you have read the Ad-hoc Commands Execution section, before proceeding with this sub-section.

In this section, we will get into more details about different options for saving and reloading the commands :

  • Command History
  • Saving Commands

Command History

Every command that gets executed is stored in command history. Users can re-load the previously executed command by selecting the History tab, and selecting the previously executed command. This will load the input, the output, node selections and status section.

Figure below shows the command history screenshot :

Commands History - Group Terminal Mode

The command execution history does get purged over time, so if user needs to re-run the previously executed commands in future, it's better to save them, as explained in the section below.

Saving Commands

Users can save the commands they have executed, so they do not have to re-type commands/scripts when they need to re-run the command in future. Additionally, while saving users can also choose whether to save the Node Selection as well. This is very helpful, if user frequently runs the same command/script on same set of nodes.

To save a command, select History tab from the right panel, select the command you would like to save from the list, click on the save link at the right. This will bring up the form as shown in the screenshot below :

Saving Command / Script - Group Terminal Mode

After the command is saved, user can always go to the Commands tab on right panel, and select the saved command they would like to re-load by double-clicking the command from the list. Figure below shows the screenshot of saved commands

Saven Commands - Group Terminal Mode