For managing servers in DivineCloud, they need to be first on-boarded into DivineCloud. Basically, it means their HOST/IP Address and credentials along with few optional details need to be provided.
There are 3 different ways available for on-boarding new servers in DivineCloud. It should not take more than couple of minutes to on-board new servers into DivineCloud with any of the 3 approaches listed below.

  • Using the New Node Form
  • Using the Bulk Nodes Import Form
  • Using the Public Cloud Association Option

This guide focuses on the first two options, if you have servers located in any of the following public clouds : AWS, Digital Ocean, Rackspace, Google Compute, Linode, then please refer to Public Cloud Guide (Next section). For all other public clouds & private data centers, either of the first 2 options are the right approach for on-boarding new servers, as explained below.

Before we can on-board new nodes, we need to prepare a list of all the node credentials required to access those nodes. Using the Credentials form, add those credentials into DivineCloud. Figure below shows the sample Credential forms:

New Credentials Forms

Once the Credential information is successfully added, we can move forward with on-boarding the new Nodes using one of the 2 options shown in next 2 sections.