In this section, we will look into on-boarding new servers into DivineCloud.

Please make sure you have read the On-boarding guide section first, before reading this sub-section.

This approach is useful when on-boarding few servers, if you have more than 4 or 5 servers, then the Bulk On-boarding section is a better fit.

Figure below shows the New Nodes Form:

New Nodes On-boarding Forms

To add a new Node entry, select Nodes tab located on the right vertical side of the UI. The Inventory panel opens as shown in the figure above. At this point, users will notice "Default" inventory already present. Users can add new nodes under "Default" Inventory, or create their own new inventory using the Add (+) button located next to the Inventory Panel.

Once decided on the inventory, to add new node, click on the Add (+) button located next to the Nodes panel. The New Node Form appears as shown in the figure above.

Once all the nodes are added, it's a good idea to verify all the node information is correct, by, selecting the Inventory, and clicking on the Ping button located on the top of Inventory Panel, as shown in the figure below.

Ping All Nodes In Inventory